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Tree Planting

Category:  Wezesha

In collaboration with Buy 1 Get 1 (B1G1), TMT Kenya embarked on a tree planting exercise with the main aim of improving the forest cover with its area of operation, reclamation the land left bare because of sand harvesting, and reclamation of swampy areas.

Goat Project

Category:  INUKA

In collaboration with World Youth International, The Mango Tree - Kenya implemented the goat project in our operational area to help guardians improve on their income. A number of households we provided with exotic bucks that are used to upgrade their local goats. This is a project where farmers receive goats and after the deliver, the farmers then 'pass on' to other farmer who also benefit from the project.

Family visits

Category:  MALAWI

The Malawi project began days ago with mixed reaction of fear and anticipation. A community faced with discrimination and poverty of mind. TMT is set to set a light to this community as their children see a great light a head

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