The Mango Tree Orphan Support Trust begun in 2002 in Tanzania in order to assist neglected orphans to attend school. The initiative later expanded to Kenya in 2006 where orphans around Lake Victoria have been benefiting from the support.

The Mango Tree gets its funding from well wishers and friends mostly from The UK though doors are open for institutions or individuals who would like to extend a hand to lift the disadvantaged children in these communities.

We have a well structured leadership with Trustees in UK, Tanzania and Kenya.


The Mango Tree activities revolve around three pillars, namely;

i) Focus on Needs:

Orphans face even greater hardship than children from healthy families, and have significantly diminished prospects for a secure future. Our goal is to fill the huge gap left by the absence of parents, and to provide support in proportion to the severity of each child’s needs.

ii) Long Term Development – not just Relief:

Beyond their immediate need for food, clothes and medicine, we believe that it is only through education, practical training and generation of income that we can help these children to create a sustainable life for themselves. There is admittedly no point in providing that aid to those who are incapacitated by malnutrition or disease. So the Mango Tree uses some of its resources to feed the starving and to take scarce medicine out to the homes of those who need them most. But our main focus is:

  1. Primary Education

  2. Secondary Education

  3. Vocational Training and microfinance

  4. University and other Tertiary Education Support

iii) Cost Efficiency:

If you can give a child an education with a uniform that costs less than ksh. 300 you soon become paranoid about spending too much of our funds on something else! We think that the most effective and efficient way to deliver lasting impact is to ask the local community to help. So we have volunteers in every village to help us on the orphans with the greatest needs and reduce overheads in Kenya in the process. We incur no cost at all for our funding and administrative activities in the UK.

We think that the most efficient and effective way to deliver lasting impact is to ask the local community to help. We want to help the local people to discover a local solution to a local problem and see it delivered by the local community. They have embraced this concept wholeheartedly!

Over the past few years, The Mango Tree met countless other calls on our resource. Hundreds of mosquito nets to reduce the incidence of malaria, water tanks and toilets for schools, food, medical operations for fistula and other complications, HIV prevention, testing and counselling services were provided to the comunities through the efforts of TMT staff.



The Mango Tree Orphan Support Trust - Kenya, P. O. Box 11 -40332, Kosele via Kendu Bay
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email: director@themangotreekenya.org, info@themangotreekenya.org

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