By: Remjius

County Health Inspector

Remjius Okumu Nyangoro, hailing from Kobuya location within Kobuya West sub-location, was born in 1982. His educational journey commenced at Bur-lum Primary School, where he completed his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education in 1999. Progressing to form one at Sangoro Mixed Secondary School in 2000, financial constraints compelled him to discontinue his studies during form two following his father's demise, who was the family's primary provider at the time. Subsequently, Remjius sought opportunities in Nairobi but found the city's harsh realities unsustainable, prompting his return home. There, he turned to manual labor, including street vending, to eke out a living, suspending his education from 2001 to 2005 to engage in sand-mining activities.

The establishment of Kobuya Secondary School presented an opportunity for Remjius to resume his studies, facilitated by a nominal fee for lunch, as requested by the school principal. Encouraged by various members of the school board, he enrolled in Form 1 but later transferred to Kobala Secondary School, for his Form 3 and 4 education.

“I joined the Mango Tree in 2008 while in fourth form. Lack of fees and frustrations from home made me almost drop out of school. I was lucky to finish my Form 4 with ease with the support of the mango tree. In the year 2009 and part of 2010, the mango tree took me to Kobuya primary school to volunteer as an untrained  teacher,” Remjius recalls. In September 2010, he received an admission letter from the Kenya Medical Training College Nakuru campus to pursue studies in Environmental Health Science (Public Health), with financial backing from The Mango Tree. Graduating in December 2013, he found himself in a precarious situation, married yet unemployed. However, through persistence and resilience, he secured a position as a Public Health Officer overseeing a health administrative ward under the Ministry of Health County government of Homa Bay in January 2014, a role he fulfilled until June 2020 when he was appointed as County Health Inspector by the National Government.

Remjius expresses profound gratitude for the unwavering assistance and support extended to him by The Mango Tree, which played an instrumental role in shaping his educational and professional trajectory.

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