By: Kentice

Graduate, Village Volunteer

“I want to take this opportunity to thank the office of The Mango Tree for uplifting my life and that of my family"

By: Hilda

Beauty Therapist

“I did menial work in the village including laundry in order to afford food and clothing for my baby”

By: Faith

Sales Agent, ICEALIONS Insurance Company

“The punishment given to those who did not attain the set targets made me realize my goals and aim higher and worked harder because that was going to determine my career path”

By: Mwalimu

High School Teacher

“TMT trained me to see possibilities within the impossibilities, the ability to stand on my own feet"

By: Joseph

Data Clerk, Kisumu Law Courts

“I believed that it was only education that would change my life and therefore I needed to work hard to achieve. I was and will remain very honest to myself and my sponsors, who had faith in my ability to spend the extra money to make sure that I went through education in the right school where my needs could be addressed”

By: Remjius

County Health Inspector

I joined the Mango Tree in 2008 while in the fourth form. Lack of fees and frustrations from home made me almost drop out of school. I was lucky to finish my form 4 with ease by the support of the mango tree.

By: Saline

Salon Tutor

I later learned the difficulties outside and came back for they say that chien ki yany

By: Nancy


To this far, TMT has done wonders in my life and I am so grateful to our Director Madam Consolata for making me who I am today, may the organization continue to exist and support young generations to achieve their dreams.” 

By: Akoth

Corrective Surgery

“I never imagined that my daughter would be able to walk normally after being born with bowed legs. I am thankful to The Mango Tree and APDK for her successful surgery”.

By: Roline

Tourism and Hotel Management

"I'd like to thank you once more for assisting me in realizing one of my greatest ambitions. You have inspired me in many ways, the most important of which are the scholarships you have provided for me to study and become someone in today's society”