By: Faith

Sales Agent, ICEALIONS Insurance Company

“December holidays were never easy, especially for the girls in the village who sat K.C.P.E as the majority opted for marriage instead of joining secondary school”, recounts Achieng’.

Achieng’ who is the firstborn in a family of four hails from Ramba village, East Karachuonyo location of Homa Bay County, was a beneficiary of The Mango Tree Orphan Support Trust Kenya since 2008 while she was in class 5 at Kideswa and Ng’oche primary school, respectively.

TMT ensured that she got a constant supply of new school uniforms every year since her mother who is a widow with no income could not afford them. The regular check of performance, fees payment while in secondary school, and discipline instilled in her through the tuition seminars organized during school holidays, made Achieng’ excel in her exams which gave her a chance to join Tangaza University College in 2007 to study for undergraduate degree of Arts, English Literature option having completed her CSV work at Ng’oche Primary school. “The little punishment given to those who did not attain the set targets made me realize my goals and aimed higher as well as worked harder because that was going to determine my career path”. Achieng’ records.

Currently, Achieng’ works with ICEALION Insurance Company as an agent and at the same time does a part-time job with Able Source Digital Company (www.ablesourcedigital.com) as a Customer care representative. She says, “All these have been possible because of the support of The Mango Tree and all the skills gained while under their care. I am so much humble to be part of this family with much appreciation to Madam Consolata and The Mango Tree family. May God bless you.” 

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