By: Mwalimu

High School Teacher

Mwalimu Kenneth is one of the very first beneficiaries of TMT project. He was registered in early 2007 after the demise of his parents. He is from a family of five unfortunately he is the only survivor. He lost his father in 2002 and 3 years later lost his mother. “Life became unbearable were getting even a meal was not easy, getting exam fees in primary level was even tougher though it was as little as Ksh50,” he says. “I was in total darkness but thanks to the TMT that brought hope and light on my way” he adds. Through the support of TMT, he was supported to join Kobala day secondary school and after four years he successfully completed his studies and managed to attain a university entry grade with which he joined the University of Nairobi and trained as a teacher. “TMT trained me to see possibilities within the impossibilities, the ability to stand on my own feet” he equips.   During the hard moment in life, he always looks back at his family background which acts as the driving force to success, thanks to the advice from TMT officials led by the Director.  Kenneth is currently employed as a secondary school teacher and he is doing his best to bring a positive change in the life of students. Kenneth’s dream is to be the bridge for many suffering OVC, he says “my main dream in life is to be like a bridge for many suffering children to cross over to successful destiny.” May God bless The Mango Tree.

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